Vocal Development Studio COVID 19 Precaution Policy

  1. Employees and students screen daily for potential signs of illness.
  2. Masks required at all times, EXCEPT in voice lesson rooms.
  3. All in person voice students MUST be fully vaccinated.
  4. Medical grade air purification system installed to sanitize air every hour, 24 hours a day.
  5. Hand sanitizing stations available throughout the studio.
  6. Contactless payment for tuition.
  7. Clear vinyl barrier remains available in one piano studio, for students who desire additional protection beyond masks.
  8. All common surfaces disinfected between lessons. This includes piano benches, doorknobs, keyboards, microphone stands, etc.
  9. Microphones and windscreens entirely replaced between each and every lesson and sanitized overnight! This means each student has their own microphone and windscreen!
  10. In person voice lessons separated by a 30 minute wait period. This includes the recommended 18 minute wait period for droplets to settle and 12 minutes to sanitize hard surfaces, such as mic stands, music stands, etc., as well as change out the microphone and windscreen for the next student.
  11. Rug removed from vocal room in order to promote the highest level of protection from viral spread.
  12. We have temporarily eliminated our waiting room and limited the number of people allowed in the studio at one time.
Your safety is our priority!
If you have any questions about our COVID 19 Precautions, please contact us.